NOTE: There are various schools of thought on each of these subjects. What we have written here is based on the opinions we have formed from reading many books, articles in magazines and on the internet, speaking with many breeders and veterinarians, and from our own experiences over the years with Great Danes and dogs of many other breeds.

What should I feed my new Great Dane puppy?

A normal human will take 18 to 20 years to reach their adult weight of 130 -150 pounds. Can you imagine going from about one pound at birth, to that same 130 - 150 pounds in just over a year?! Well, that's exactly what your Great Dane puppy will do.

Proper nutrition can not be stressed enough. Bone and joint diseases in giant breed dogs have been linked in part to being fed  too much protein and fat while they are still growing. For smaller dog breeds a very high protein and fat level in their feed is recommended so they grow quickly, but with Danes and other giant breeds which triple and quadruple that size, the quicker they grow the more problems there will be! Slow steady growth is the goal. A protein level of 21% to 26% is perfect. Have no fear, your puppy will still reach it's genetic potential for height and weight, but without the added risks of so much strain on growing bones. Do NOT feed puppy food, even large breed puppy food.  Great Danes are not large, they are giants. Standard Poodles are large and they are half the size of a Dane.

High quality food is also extremely important. Meat should be listed as the first ingredient, and the second if possible.

Taste of the Wild is a 5 star dog food, and they require less food per meal because it is of higher quality. An adult male can often do well on just 6 cups per day.
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